Fractional Ownership Opportunities

by Realty Network

Take the work out of owning a beachfront vacation home.

It is not really surprising that beachfront homes in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Sonora Mexico, have been so popular. Within an easy 3.5 to 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson you can be on your own private beach patio enjoying this spectacular sea and the sunset! The Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) setting is very unique and can be enjoyed year round.

And while you will feel you are on a secluded beach, a short 2-3 mile drive puts you right back in the middle of town for dining, shopping or sightseeing fun. But the rising cost and maintenance hassles of full-time second home ownership are not for everyone.

The Sensible Alternative

Since 1995 Realty Network has provided Fractional Ownership Vacation Beachfront Homes ("8 Shares") to a long list of satisfied customers. These spectacular homes, all beach front and with all the amenities, are located on 5 miles of gorgeous beach in the guard gated community of Las Conchas.

While you are on a secluded beach, you are only a 2-3 mile drive away from the middle of Puerto Peñasco. Second home ownership does not get any easier than this!  Experience beachfront living without any of the upkeep and worries, and at a fraction of the cost. Also, this is a true ownership opportunity, not a timeshare!

More than a home, this is a meeting place for family & friends who will enjoy years of fun and memories in these beautiful beachfront homes. Sunrise walks on the beach, kayak outings at sunset, a trip to the fitness center, or just a good book in your hammock on the beach side patio... you pick the pace! Now you can have the luxurious getaway you have always wanted.

Your 1/8 interest in these fabulous beachfront homes entitles you to a minimum of 6 weeks per year (1 week every 8 weeks) per share. You can own extra shares if you need more beach time, or split a share with a family member or friend if 6 weeks is too much.

About Fractional Ownership

What is an “Eight-Share” Vacation Home?

Many of us have the dream of owning a vacation home on or near a beautiful beach, and for years, hundreds of U.S. citizens have come to the beaches of Rocky Point to fulfill that dream.

However, now that dream is becoming more and more costly. Beachfront homes range from the very low end of $500,000 on up to $700,000, $800,000, or even higher. Many of these homes in Mexico are offered at “cash only” terms.

Even for those who can afford these prices, one must ask: “How often can I really make it down to Rocky Point to enjoy (and justify) this substantial investment?” Maybe the answer is 2 weeks a year, maybe it’s 4 weeks a year. Whatever the answer, you also must ask yourself some other important questions:

What is a Notario, Fidiecomiso, Federal Zone, and how will I pay the bills, keep an eye on the home, perform regular maintenance, clean the house, etc ? And will I have the time and the money for all these responsibilities and still have time to truly unwind and enjoy the beach?

All of these questions should be answered prior to purchasing a home. Well, now there is an alternative to sole ownership in a Beach-Vacation home, and it’s called an 8-Share Vacation Home.

This is how it works:

Each home has 8 owners. Each owner has the use of the home every 8 weeks for a total of up to 6 weeks a year. And because the home is closed every year for up to 5 weeks (August) for maintenance, the calendar automatically “shifts” the rotation of owners by a week each year.

This guarantees that if one owner has Thanksgiving week, for example, that next year the holiday automatically rotates to another owner and so on. If an owner cannot use all of their 6 weeks per year, it is their option to let family or friends use it, or rent it out and keep the proceeds.

Each owner also receives an owner’s storage locker on the premises in order to keep clothes, personal items, food, beach toys, etc. on site so as to not have to cart such items back and forth.

Each owner contributes monthly dues of $300-$400 per month (depending on which property). This fee is paid through an auto debit. So even paying the monthly dues payment is streamlined- no "work" with this type of beach living!  All other hassles, work and worry are taken care of for the owners.

What's included in your monthly dues:  Housecleaning (weekly), Utilities (Electric, Water, Trash) Las Conchas annual HOA dues, Mexican Bank Trust annual dues, towels & linens, household supplies & paper goods, Professional Management fees, Monthly & annual maintenance, Federal Zone fee to the city, Landscaping maintenance.

So, what is the down side to an 8-Share vacation home?

There is the rigid schedule. The “rigid” schedule can be overcome with a trade with another owner, or we have had people buy 2 shares to be able to come for longer periods (or more often). But the schedule does let an owner know what weeks they will have for the next several years, so planning your beach time with family & friends is easy.

Another downside for some is that there are no pets allowed, and no smoking is allowed inside the home (outside on beautiful beach side deck is OK).

However, this allows us to maintain the home in a pristine condition from one week to the next, year after year. We view this as an advantage to the group as a whole. We truly believe that 8-share Vacation Home ownership solves the problems associated with the second home ownership, and allows the owner years of trouble free pleasure and excitement. But don’t take our word for it, just ask some of our owners to fully appreciate how much they enjoy their 8 Share Beach home.

They tell us that it is one of the best decisions they have ever made for their quality family time. We hope you will join us too.

Is fractional ownership right for you?

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