About Realty Network, Inc.

Realty Network Inc is a Phoenix Arizona based real estate brokerage which has specialized, since 1993, in the development of beachfront homes in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Sonora Mexico. As sole owner of MexicoBeachHomes.com, Realty Network Inc. introduced the concept of Fractional Ownership homes to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco in 1995. In addition, it was behind the development of the La Paloma del Mar Beachfront Estate, commercial buildings, storage facilities and the Club Playa Fitness Center.

The Developers


Larry & Julie Beaumont have been involved in the Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Sonora Mexico real estate development since 1993.

Larry Beaumont has been an Arizona real estate broker since 1980. After 9 years with two of the largest real estate companies in Phoenix, Arizona, the Beaumonts opened their own business, Realty Network Inc.

A few years later they became active in Mexico real estate development and in 1995 the Beaumonts moved their family to Puerto Peñasco, where their 3 children (Travis, Amy & Carrie) attended the local schools for 4 years. An artist at heart (and former Arizona school art teacher), Julie's decorating, wall sculptures and artistic touches have made the MexicoBeachHomes.com beachfront properties unique and very detailed.

Although the La Paloma del Mar Beachfront Estate rental property is their main focus now, they also own and run “Club Playa Fitness”, as well as a storage facility at the same location.

Larry and Julie currently split their time between Phoenix and Puerto Peñasco.

Our Staff

None of this would have been possible for the Beaumonts without the help of their very talented staff. The quality and cleanliness of the properties is only possible through their well trained staff, some who have been with the Beaumonts for over 12 years!

The in house staff handles everything from maintenance, to housekeeping, to property / office management. The MexicoBeachHomes.com properties are fantastic beachfront homes, due mainly to these hard working men and women. When you stay in one of our properties, you are just a phone call away from the attention you need, 24 -7. We are proud of them, and their service in making your beach vacation special.

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